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2018 Schedule of Events

All events at the Festival are FREE
and take place on or near Norway’s historic downtown.




New Orleans Style Street Parade

12:30pm  - Starting in front of 290 Main Street


Busking Stage (1) (In front of Café Nomad)

Slim’s Got the Blues – 11am

Steve Corning - 1pm

Don Johnson – 12 Noon

Jack Gentempo - 4pm

Max Random – 2pm

Dawson Hill – 3pm


Busking Stage (2) (Left side of Post Office)

Slim’s Got the Blues – 1pm

Steve Corning – 2pm

Don Johnson – 4pm

Jack Gentempo – 11am

Max Random – 3pm

Dawson Hill – 12 Noon


Dawson Hill

Dawson Hill was born and raised in South Paris from a musical family. Graduated from OHCHS is 94’ and pursued a theater degree from Emerson College, but wanted to focus more on entertaining people with his theatrical piano stylings. He played around Boston and in a variety of different outfits from being an organist of a gospel church, performing in jazz clubs, to rocking on cruise ships, which allowed him to travel the globe. The last several years Dawson lived in South Carolina where he taught piano,played in funky southern rock bands and became a Licensed Massage Therapist. He recently moved back to the area and hopes to reconnect with the community and to continue teaching piano and growing as an artist-musician.


Steve Corning

Steve Corning began performing professionally at age 17 and has since brought his unique brand of variety arts and off-beat comedy to theaters and resorts across the country, and even internationally on Disney Cruise Line. Steve presents a variety show of ultimate proportions, featuring fast-paced juggling routines, mind-blowing escape artistry, comedy magic, contortion, balancing, LED light manipulation, and nearly endless amazing stunts, all mixed with a hearty dose of off-the-cuff comedy. If you're looking for non-stop entertainment and ​laughs for the ​whole family, ​this show has it all!


Max Random

Crass, blunt, and politically-incorrect are three terms used to describe Max Random. Random tells it like it is, and does so effectively. In his songs, he’s sort of the observational comedian, making fun of current events and taking a lighter side to social issues. He tackles subjects such as death (“Mister D”), the government, corporate America, and pop culture (“Godzilla”), greed (“Come On Baby”), and of course, weed and the government (“Ballad of Johnny Boon”). He’s an excellent parody artist as well, including his song “I’ve Smoked Weed Everywhere” (“I’ve Been Everywhere”) and “Monster Hash” (“The Monster Mash”). Random also has a softer side, as demonstrated through his songs “You Were Cool”, which has lyrics that are a little reminiscent of Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind”, “It’s Not Goodbye Forever”, which deals with the death of someone close to him, and “Analog Man”, which is a funny song, but reminds us that we must enjoy life, and make it worth living. Not only is Random an excellent comedian, he is also an excellent musician. He is a superb guitarist, and a pretty good singer. He is the perfect mix of comedy, and deep thought and insight.


Slim's Got the Blues

The acoustic blues jug revival trio called Slim’s Got The Blues is made up of Charlie “Catfish” Bernstein on strings, “Waterford Slim” on blues harp and “Big Daddy” Fuller on washtub bass and percussion. For want of anything constructive to do, they’ve teamed up to fill their copious spare time with some socially insignificant caterwauling in the American blues/folk/jug/country tradition.


Don Johnson

Either as a nurse working in a local hospital or a saxman/flautist, Don Johnson just aims to heal. Learning music at the altar of Bleeding Gums Murphy, Don has carved out his own niche as a guy you want to share the stage with.




Dawson Hill

Max Random

Don Johnson

Slim's Got the Blues


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