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2018 Schedule of Events

All events at the Festival are FREE
and take place on or near Norway’s historic downtown.




A. Minor

A.Minor's artwork is rooted in a deep love of color, pattern and movement. A seventh-generation Vermonter, her animated video art incorporates fractal repetition to create a rhythm of visual elements that dance across the screen. As a performance artist, her live visual projections have been seen behind bands of all genres, from Club d'Elf to the Dark Star Orchestra.


Jack Gentempo

Jack is a filmmaker from Norway Maine. He got his start with an internship at Norway's public access station NPC-TV, hosting programs such as "The Delicious Low Dishes Cooking Show" and "Sweating to the Classic: Working out to Watership Down." Jack is a recent graduate of the Southern Maine Community College Communications and New Media Department. He will be screening the Oxford county debut of his short film "Off The Tracks" at the 2018 Norway Arts Festival.




"Mogador"~ A.Minor, Club d'Elf - 11:30am


"Ignore Alien Orders"~ A.Minor, Paul Marotta - 11:40am


"Space Aliens Unite"~ A.Minor, Stoned Mountain Boys - 11:50am


(Video Animator A.Minor will discuss her process) - 12 Noon


(Video Tent Shuts down from 12:15–1:15pm (Street Parade)


"Bike Share"~ by Jack Gentempo - 1:30pm


"Madam Ray"~ by Jack Gentempo - 1:40pm


"Mayhem Circus"~ by Jack Gentempo - 1:50pm


"PB_J"~ by Jack Gentempo - 2:00pm


"Rope Swing"~ by Jack Gentempo - 2:10pm


"Song For Little Sparrow"~ by Jack Gentempo - 2:20pm


"The Bottle McStealy Twins"~ by Jack Gentempo - 2:30pm


"The Tether Scooter"~ by Jack Gentempo - 2:40pm


"The Delicious Low Dishes"~ by Jack Gentempo - 2:50pm


"DUI Checkpoint Refusal"~ by Jack Gentempo - 3:00pm


"Hang Glider"~ by Jack Gentempo - 3:10pm


(Video Director Jack Gentempo will speak)


“Off the Tracks” – by Jack Gentempo - 3:20pm


"Unfathomable Depth"~ A.Minor, Ra Kalam Bob Moses - 3:40pm


"Sacred Secret"~ A.Minor, Ra Kalam Bob Moses - 3:50pm


"Folk Music of the Unknown"~ A.Minor, Ra Kalam Bob Moses – 4:00pm


(A.Minor on working with legendary jazz drummer Bob Moses & his artwork) – 4:10pm


"Very Scary Vermont Brook Trout"~ Paul Hewitt - 4:20pm


"Lookin' to Hook Up"~ Paul Hewitt - 4:30pm


"Droplets Held"~ Paul Hewitt - 4:40pm


"Bernie's Hair"~ A.Minor - 4:50pm


“Pill-Billy Blues"~ A.Minor, Johnny Crashed – 5:00pm


“Redneck Revenge"  - Johnny Crashed, Mike Kahorian – 5:10pm

A. Minor

Jack Gentempo


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